(X) About Sick HIDs:

Sick HIDs was founded by Owner/Operator Brian Tremblay in 2008.
Brian has been a licensed Electrician for over 12 years, with a lifetime desire to create, modify, and fabricate. In the beginning his creativity had helped to fabricate many unique features for his friends and his personal vehicles. His projects carry a sense of invention and he has been known amongst his peers as a problem-solver.
Originally from the Connecticut, Brian moved to Grass Valley, California for better weather and new opportunities. Having been something of a modifier and fabricator for years, Brian was recently inspired by Northern California's vast fabricating resources. From his home in Grass Valley he started building and retro-fitting custom lights for cars, trucks, bikes (most years, makes and models). Capable of producing/fabricating from custom made crystal clear replacement Acrylic lenses (for headlights, taillights, markers, signals, etc) to complete one of a kind Custom Projector Headlights, built per order to customer preferences. Utilizing the latest High Tech Bi-Xenon HID/Projection, CCFL, LED & SMT LED technology, Brian is able to create some of the most unique, best performing, sickest looking lights on the road today, while maintaining a safe, legal, very effective auto light far superior to OEM lights, all while not blinding other drivers on the road.
Bi-Xenon Projector Technology utilizes an active Lo Beam glare shield which is a precision designed shield in the projector used to create an edge to the low beam pattern. The oval reflector design, along with the glare shield & crystal clear magnifier lens work together to produce a perfectly controlled (refined) beam pattern that always ends with a crisp line dividing light from dark. This mechanism puts all headlight output where you need it: on the road.
Because installing projector assemblies into OEM (reflector style) headlights confines all headlight output to a 2.5"/3" lens, this leaves the entire remaining portion of the OEM headlights with unlimited creative possibilities, such as: Audi Style LEDs, BMW CCFL Angel Eyes, SMT Style LED Halos, Integrated Signals, Blackout, Color-Match Paint, etc. This technology has opened the doors to the imagination in lighting performance and asthetics of auto lighting in general.
All retro-fits/custom builds by Sick HIDs are available with High Output 50/55 Watt HIDs, rather than the more common 35 Watt HID. Comparison Example: while your OEM 55 Watt Halogen bulbs produce approx 900 lumen (actual measurement of light output) @  3800k & 35 Watt HIDs produce approx 3000 lumen @ 5000k....... 50/55 Watt HIDs produce approx 4800 lumen @ 5000k (40% brighter than 35 Watt HID). An additional advantage of HID lighting  is the color temperature range. HID color is measured in 1000s of Kelvin, most commonly 4300k- 10,000k (known as daylight range). This temperature range is considered to best simulate daylight white. The biggest advantage of daylight temperature ranges is the EXTREMELY high reflectivity value. The ultra high reflective value of 5000k and above will make things on and off the road such as road reflectors, street signs, and animals eyes 100x more visible up to 10x farther than with Halogen! Upgrading to HID will give you huge lighting advantages, but upgrading to 50/55 Watt HID Projectors will give you superior lighting and safety advantages, making it so you will never want to deal with anything less again.
Brian Tremblay's Sick HIDs strives to have the best customer service available and takes pride in building some of the most unique, best performing, highest quality, sickest looking lights, built to your taste and preferences. Installs are made 100% PLUG & PLAY for most applications.
  Brian will consider any custom build by request, for all vehicles, street or offroad, while offering a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on all components, a one year warranty on all labor (assembly, any paint, wiring, etc) and live, 7 day technical

e-mail support or phone assistance.

Brian Tremblay (owner/operator)
Sick HIDs

Grass Valley, California


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