(X) Warranties & Disclaimers (X)

All HID & Projector Components (bulbs / ballasts / projectors) include a lifetime manufacturer's warranty (defects MUST be

returned for credit)

All "Labor" (assembly / wiring / paint / ABS) & CCFLs include a one year warranty (subject to evaluation before repair/replacement)

All LED (ONLY) Mods/Components (LEDs / SMT LEDs / Audi Style LEDs / LED Halos / LED Devil Eyes) do NOT include warranties & tend to have a higher failure rate than most other mods/options

Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping expenses both ways (including warranty related issues)

Any Headlight Housings provided by the client or "Aftermarket" Housings requested/provided by Sick HIDs (to build with) do NOT include any warranties & are not guaranteed against moisture related issues or exact fitment

Sick HIDs is not responsible for any fees/charges incurred by shops/installers (if you choose to have installed by "others")

Dis-Assembly / Modification / Deletion (cutting or altering of any sort) of the provided component system and/or wiring harness will VOID all warranties

Sick HIDs products are 100% Custom Build (per order) & are not DOT approved (recommended for offroad or show purposes)

Sick HIDs is NOT responsible for any fines / tickets / judgements against operation of these products on any public roads


All Retro-Fits performed by Sick HIDs are Custom Built per order, to specific client preferences. All purchases/payments are a comitment & funds are immediately invested into each order. All parts/components are immediately modified during assembly of each order rendering them non-reusable or resellable. No returns are accepted other than to address warranty related repairs & no refunds are issued. Payment of any invoice created by Sick HIDs for any service/product confirms acceptance & aggreement of all terms & conditions outlined on this page as well as invoice.

Any forced order cancelation after payment is received, will result in a MINIMUM of 20% Restock Fee.

Just the Facts

DMV/DOT (in any town / state / country) specifies that any modification / deletion / alteration / replacement of any parts/components that came with/on your vehicle (from the factory) is improper/unacceptable & may be subject to inspection by local DMV/DOT and/or citation to revert back to OEM equipment

Sick HIDs builds high performance lights that will out perform most OEM lights on the road today, while staying within "legal limits" of general DMV/DOT laws/requirements in all towns/states/countries

It is the buyer's responsibility to also check/confirm all local laws/requirements in your town/state/country

Any/all "colors" (that light up) other than white or amber (in the front of your vehicle), illuminated while driving/moving on public roads is NOT permitted in any case, at any time & if requested will be suggested to install an "override" switch (with "indicator" light) for manual operation & identification of illumination while operating the vehicle

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